November 2011

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Nutri-Key™ Button Features:

  1. Apple-Shaped Balloon - Greater surface area in contact with stoma - reduced leakage

  2. Soft Silicone Material - Ensures maximum patient comfort

  3. Angled Balloon Inflation Port - Easier access inflating/deflating balloon when compared to other brands

  4. Recessed Catheter Tip - Greatly reduced trauma to opposing stomach wall

  5. Balloon Capacity Clearly Marked - Reduces chances of over inflation. Increases balloon life

  6. Unique Pack Contents - Containing: button, pre-filled syringe, swab & lubricating gel

  7. Reduced Pack Dimensions - improved portability for user and storage

  8. Extensive range of sizes - 12FR-24FR : 0.8cm-6.5cm

  9. Multiple Order Route - Available via NHS Supply Chain or directly from Westbourne Medical

  10. Choice of Delivery Service - We deliver anywhere! Home, school, G.P. or health centre etc

  11. Next Day Delivery as Standard - Before midday or  before 9am. All fully tracked.

  12. Mic-Key® Compatible - Easy to convert from market leader and save instantly

  13. Significant Cost Savings - Savings of up to 40% when compared to other brands

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